eSchool Step 1:
Design your perfect work life

Check your vision: getting clear on what play means to you

In this topic you will clarify what you want your new free range venture to look like and what you are doing all this for. This section is important as it will form a base that you will be checking back to throughout the eSchool. Having this will help keep you keep on track and ensure that you are playing rather than turning your venture into another ‘job’ that will get you down!

If you have done a programme with John or Marianne before it is likely you will have covered some of this content. However it is worth going over it again with fresh eyes (and more focussed questions), and keeping your answers in eSchool notes to give you a reference point throughout this programme.


  • Work that feels like play: Play Wednesday, moment of magic, where do you give the most value?, Career DNA sheets for next project, fave tasks (& other Q’s from Career DNA sheets). Name 1-3 things would love not to do anymore.
  • What if I have too many ideas/interests? (Take note Scanners!) Integrate several or make a quick choice
  • WD profile
  • Finding your unique strengths and why playing to your strengths can make you more money than trying to overcome your weaknesses. Difference between good and brilliant.
  • Your core message: What’s the one thing you have to say to the world (your message to the world)

Graduation Questions

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