eSchool Masterclasses

Every month we run Telephone Masterclasses on a chosen hot topic. Look for the special announcements on the email group.

Dialling in to live Telephone Masterclasses

Please call from somewhere quiet (or dial *0 to mute and unmute yourself).
Please don’t use a speaker phone (they cause an echo for everybody else).

A minute or two before start time, follow the instructions below to enter the call.

Recordings Archive

Listen to recordings of previous eSchool Telephone Masterclasses here:

9 November 2010

This first ever eSchool Telephone Masterclass includes a brief introduction to selling to the problem by John including how to create a “Problem Pitch” as an unconventional answer to the question “What do you do?”

9 November 2010

1 December 2010 – Branding & Differentiation

What is a brand? How can you use it to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Find out in this masterclass.

This masterclass also includes a brief overview of how to use twitter at the end of the class.

1 December 2010