The Paid To Play eSchool Inner Circle – how it works

Thanks for joining us in the Paid To Play Inner Circle.

As an Inner Circle member, the eSchool works quite differently as we are still effectively in beta mode. In a few months, the eSchool will be populated with a library of pre-prepared how-to content. Within the Inner Circle period however, the bulk of that is not yet up. And it won’t be up until we create it WITH you.

What you do get however is a more intimate experience in a much smaller group (of no more than 25 people) that have greater access to us, John and Marianne, to ask whatever you want.

Here’s what will be available to you from 4 November:

  1. A list of steps for you need to do to launch your idea and turn it into an income stream, with ‘graduation questions’ at the end of each stage. These mean that you know exactly what you need to have done before moving on so that a) you get things right and save time, effort and money (trust us, we made the mistakes for you!) and b) you don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do it all at once.
  2. The community. People on your wavelength who can offer support and advice from their own perspective (so often it’s easy to see solutions for other people when they are just too close to it! That’s what you can do with each other). That’s right – you are no longer on your own!
  3. John and Marianne. We’re going to be on the community with you for the first few months and troubleshooting your problems as we create content in response to your needs. We will be checking the group every few days. How we respond depends on the issue raised. For example:
    1. If you have a simple problem we’ll probably reply via group email
    2. If the issue is more involved we might use you as an example and ‘makeover’ your proposition one on one.
    3. If a few people have similar issues we’ll respond by writing you a list of how-tos or an article/audio/video, or even running a teleclass on that topic.
    4. If you don’t get the answer you need ASK US AGAIN (nicely!) and we’ll make it clearer – we’re relying on our Inner Circle pioneers to ask all the questions you need because that’s how we’re building up the eSchool.

Please be patient – this is NOT one to one coaching. Sometimes after you have posted a problem  we’re going to step back and take time to develop something more detailed that will also serve to answer your question. This might take a little longer in some cases but it will benefit more group members.

Thanks for joining us on the ground floor or what’s going to be a powerful resource for you!

Marianne and John

PS. Any questions?

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