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The 30 Day Challenge is on sale NOW

The 30 Day Challenge is your chance to join 200 people around the world to start doing something you love. It’s the jewel in the crown of everything we do at Screw Work Let’s Play – and participants tell us every week how it has changed their life. And right now it’s at a special […]

Totally stuck in your career? Here’s what to do

Here’s a story you might relate to. Tim Nicholls had had what most people would consider a very successful career and had even made the move into independent consulting and yet he still knew there was something else he should be doing – but what was it? Every time he tried to think of a […]

Still hunting for the work you love? Check out our big announcement

This is big! If you’ve read Screw Work Let’s Play (or you love the idea of getting paid to play) and yet you are still stuck… If you still don’t know what work you would really enjoy… If you can’t work out what business you could start… If you have no idea what your passion […]

How to zap the obstacles in your way

The journey to doing what you love and getting paid for it is rarely a smooth one. It is in fact littered with obstacles – some, minor that you can bound in one leap, some, much larger completely blocking your path. But none of them need halt your progress for long when you know how […]

A 3 second answer to the question “And what do you do?”

Most of the people I meet who are drawn to the idea of getting paid to play are not single-stranded characters. They are creatively minded and have multiple interests and multiple projects (or at least multiple ideas they would like to pursue). Many of them as a result consider themselves to be a scanner. One […]

The billion dollar question

In 2006, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg was just 23, Yahoo offered a billion dollars to buy Facebook. After some consideration, Mark turned them down. Having made that decision, as Mark explained in a BBC documentary shown at the weekend, it was then easier to reject an offer the following year from Microsoft to buy the […]

How to setup your own self-hosted blog or website in 20 minutes

If you’ve been putting off creating your own blog or website for too long, let’s get it sorted out right now. Just follow my steps below and you’ll have a new website installed and running in 20 minutes. My solution People wait for months, even years, deliberating how to create their website or blog, what […]

The formula for a perfect career

Want to know the formula for a perfect career? Your perfect career – getting paid to play – is found at the intersection of 3 factors – the things you’re good at, the things you love doing, and the things that there is a demand for. In this picture, that’s the area of overlap of […]

How to get paid to watch YouTube

Lindsey Mountford is one of the case studies in Screw Work Let’s Play. After graduating, she fell into some pretty miserable sales jobs and ended up frittering away time at work playing around on Facebook and YouTube – so she went out and found a way to get paid to do exactly that. “I came […]

Everyone’s model of work is a job

Seth Godin wrote a great post last week entitled Everyone’s model of work is a job inspired by superb essayist Paul Graham: The reason you feel most comfortable with a job (unless, like me, you’re in the minority–a job would destroy my psyche) is that you’ve been brainwashed by many years of school, socialization and […]