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How to be idle (and still be a success) – a video interview with Tom Hodgkinson

Your vision of the rich life might not be about huge amounts of money. It might be having lots of free time that’s more important to you – just as Tom Hodgkinson discovered. Tom is editor of bi-annual magazine The Idler and author of several excellent books including How To Be Idle, How To Be […]

5 famous people who had their genius breakthrough while goofing off

Slogging away at your work for hours without a break can be often be counter productive. It’s often in our down-time that our most inspired moments of genius occur. Stepping outside for a stroll, taking some time to play with your children, staring out the window, having a nap, or even bunking off for the […]

How to make the next 12 months your best yet – without setting a single goal

For a lot of us, particularly creative people, conventional goal setting and planning techniques just don’t work. So how do we engineer a great life for ourselves without all that SMART goal malarkey? One doing the whole variety of stuff we enjoy while making a great living at the same time? I gave a talk […]