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Welcome to the Idea Age

If you’re a creative person, someone with ideas, there really has never been a better time to be alive than today. Ideas can spread across the world instantly, the media has been democratised, we can share our writing or music or videos with a global audience instantaneously, we can set up an online shop in […]

CD Baby – the $22 million business Derek Sivers built for fun

Two years ago Derek Sivers sold his business┬áCD Baby for $22 million (most of which he gave to a charitable trust to support music education). How did he start it all? With a grand mission and comprehensive business plan? Nope. He started with the simple aim of solving a problem he had himself – finding […]

Find your workspace anywhere

For those of us whose work requires nothing more than the ability to access the Internet and have conversations, the office is an optional extra. We work wherever we can lay our laptop and get online: at home, in the garden, at the local cafe, or at one of the many co-working spaces sprouting up […]