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Pablo Picasso on charging what you’re really worth

One of the great challenges of getting paid to play is learning how to charge what you’re really worth. Unless you master it, you’ll always struggle to make the income you deserve. I have a good record for doing this (see How to become a £1000/day consultant) but I think Picasso really had it nailed […]

How to be idle (and still be a success) – a video interview with Tom Hodgkinson

Your vision of the rich life might not be about huge amounts of money. It might be having lots of free time that’s more important to you – just as Tom Hodgkinson discovered. Tom is editor of bi-annual magazine The Idler and author of several excellent books including How To Be Idle, How To Be […]

Internet Entrepreneur Daniel Wagner on creating a location independent lifestyle

Not that many years ago Daniel Wagner was working as a Pizza delivery boy. Now he’s created a successful business that he can run from anywhere in the world. So he decided to take the opportunity to leave England and go live in the sun in Cyprus. He recorded this great video on the plane […]

Meet the man who travels the world and gets paid doing it – the Chris Guillebeau interview

Chris Guillebeau makes a full-time living from his blog The Art of Non Conformity while travelling the world on his mission to visit every country on Earth. Last year he very kindly agreed to be interviewed for my book Screw Work, Let’s Play and share a little of what’s made his lifestyle possible. Chris, how do […]

How I created the 50 million selling game Jenga – by Leslie Scott

Leslie Scott created one the world’s favourite games, Jenga, so I was delighted when she agreed to be interviewed for my book Screw Work, Let’s Play. Here, she explains how she turned her baby brother’s playing bricks into the world’s second biggest selling game (topped only by Monopoly). She also explains how she kept going through […]

CD Baby – the $22 million business Derek Sivers built for fun

Two years ago Derek Sivers sold his business CD Baby for $22 million (most of which he gave to a charitable trust to support music education). How did he start it all? With a grand mission and comprehensive business plan? Nope. He started with the simple aim of solving a problem he had himself – finding […]

How 3 entrepreneurs turned their passions into successful businesses & had fun doing it

This recording of three very playful entrepreneurs is utterly brilliant. It will show you how you can find the confidence to follow your dreams, how to start a business without knowing where you’re heading (or how you’re going to get there), how to enlist the help of some of the most important people in the […]

“There is no reason now left to do shit you hate” says Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s a guy who took over his family’s wine business turning over $2 million a year and turned it into a $50 million business. He is a master of the new media including online video and social networking. He’s also a very down to earth guy from New Jersey with strong opinions. He suggests […]

Threadless – the incredibly successful accidental business

Jeffrey Kalmikoff and Jake Nickell, developed “a fun side-project” into the hugely successful, crowd-sourced t-shirt design website Threadless. They didn’t plan it, they didn’t really know what they were doing, they just played it out. A superb model for us all. Watch them explain how they did it and what their “Get Shit Done” ethic means […]

Pat Kane on The Play Ethic

Pat Kane is one half of Scottish pop duo Hue and Cry. Famous for hits in the late 80s and early 90s like Labour of Love, the brothers are still making music today and released Open Soul in 2009. Aside from music, Pat is also a writer, consultant, play theorist, and activist. He is author of The Play Ethic: A […]