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What to do when you have no idea what work you would enjoy

Are you totally stuck on finding work you would enjoy? Hit a brick wall? Nothing looks very appealing? Or maybe you have a few ideas but can't for the life of you decide which one to pursue? You're just going round and round in circles in your own head. STOP! Want to know what's really

How to tell when it's time to change your work

I got sent some very dull trade magazines back when I was a broadcast systems consultant. A typical front page headline would be "New metadata schema agreed". Most of these would go straight in the recycle bin. However, as I was a highly paid consultant I felt I needed to do something to keep up

Is the dream of your ideal work possible?

Are you one of those career changers or aspiring entrepreneurs who has spent a lot of time pondering whether the work you want to do is possible? Whether you can get paid for it? Whether you can beat all the competition to get to do what you want? Give it up. It's time to make a

How to smash your career block: the truth about 'the truth'

Yesterday I did 8 hours of back-to-back 15 minute career consultations. (I was at the Vitality Show at the Earls Court exhibition centre in London on behalf of Careershifters.) It's a fascinating experience; a complete stranger sits down in front of me, they tell me their career challenge, and I try to do something helpful within 15

Welcome to the universe(s)

I mention in Screw Work Let's Play the theory that there are parallel universes. The theory suggests that for every choice you make, there is another universe where the opposite choice plays out. Now, I use this idea simply as a thought experiment to allow you to think what it would be like to be able

Introducing your playbook

As I write in Chapter 2 of Screw Work Let's Play, don't wait for some lightning bolt of insight on the the work you'd most like to do. Instead, you can build a picture of where you're heading piece by piece. Get yourself a nice little notebook and carry it everywhere. This is your playbook. Every

A comic about a Choc-Mobile

In Screw Work Let's Play, I open the chapter on "How to work out what you really really want" with a story about Petra Barran. Petra has had several interesting careers and now owns the UK's only touring choc-mobile, Choc Star. Not only does Petra have a rather unusual business but she also tells its