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Losing a hero is tough...

Today, I am still reeling from the news of Steve Jobs' death. Losing a hero is tough and Steve has been a hero of mine for many years – from my time as a software geek to my life now, writing and running my own business. Yesterday when I should have been writing my new

If you don't do it, no one else will

The interesting thing about any significant creative project you undertake – whether it's a book, blog, or business – is that while you might have a title (and even a strap line), you don't really know what it's about until you dive into making it. Sometimes you think you know at the start, but it always

How to start a business - one play project at a time

By Selina Barker, Head Coach at Screw Work Let's Play Ian was stuck. He knew he didn’t want to carry on in his job in an ad agency, but he had no idea what he wanted to do instead - or even what he could do. Ian was a classic case of a frustrated creative. Bright,

What to do when your idea's too big

You've got an idea you want to put into action - an idea for a business, a mission to become famous, or a vision of making a living doing something you love. But... it's BIG. Too big. It requires you to quit your job. Or it needs a lot of money. Or a whole team

Meet your tribe of players, scanners & entrepreneurs

If you're reading this blog, chances are you're a creative person with a lot of ideas (otherwise known as a scanner). And your biggest challenges include choosing which idea to pursue, making it happen quickly, and turning your best ideas into something that might make you a living. If that's the case, don't try and

Why self-help books don't work (and what does)

I'm a fan of self-help books - as you might expect being an author of one. Self-help books have changed the way I view the world forever, they've inspired me to believe I can have what I want, and they've shown me how to create it. But we all know they don't always work. We

The Times: Fed up with work? So play!

Earlier this month The Times did a 2 page spread on Screw Work, Let's Play and myself (John Williams) as the author. How did they represent play? By photographing me sitting on a space hopper (sadly the space hopper is cut out on this online version). It's actually rather a good introduction to the book so

"Cars are what I lived for" - John Haynes, creator of Haynes manuals

At 16 years old, while still at school, John Haynes realised that "Cars are what I lived for". He bought an Austin Seven Saloon, dismantled it, and built a lightweight, open two-seater sports car. Then he had an idea - as he explains in this BBC News interview by Mark Miodownik from last year, "I thought to

How to make the next 12 months your best yet - without setting a single goal

For a lot of us, particularly creative people, conventional goal setting and planning techniques just don't work. So how do we engineer a great life for ourselves without all that SMART goal malarkey? One doing the whole variety of stuff we enjoy while making a great living at the same time? I gave a talk

If it's not fun...

Here's a great quote I saw on the wall of London social enterprise startup LeapAnywhere who help "find the coolest and quirkiest charity events and volunteer activities in your city so it's easier for you to have more fun and do more good": The Basso quote is a good guide for anyone's business or career.