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How to win your first playcheque

Earning your first income for doing something you love is an important landmark; it’s your first playcheque. It’s a wonderful moment to arrive at. How do you get there? By launching a campaign and throwing everything you have at winning exactly the work you most want. This is not the time to make wild compromises. Don’t […]

Stop obsessing about your business card

Myth of Work #15 in Screw Work, Let’s Play is “I can’t talk to anyone until I have some fancy business cards printed and my website launched” Don’t let this kind of stuff stop you from getting out there and starting to put your ideas into action. It is almost always possible for you to win your […]

Inventing Tips from Trevor Baylis OBE

Here’s a 4 minute guide to inventing from creator of the clockwork radio, Trevor Baylis OBE – including how to protect your idea with a patent or trademark. We are fortunate to have Trevor speaking at my London event Scanners Night on 12th May. Read more and grab your place. Tweet

The Third Way: Or how to make a living without a job

Given the chance, a lot of people would not hold down a full-time job. But surprisingly few ever seriously explore the alternatives. One of the reasons is that too many think the alternative is running a Business with a capital ‘B’ – something with staff and premises, financial investment and all the associated risk. This […]