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That tricky thing, momentum

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! This is the time when we're tempted to define all sorts of wonderful wishes, hopes and dreams for the year. The tricky bit of course is maintaining momentum on that stuff that we want - once life gets busy or the going gets tough. Psychologies magazine to the

If you don't do it, no one else will

The interesting thing about any significant creative project you undertake – whether it's a book, blog, or business – is that while you might have a title (and even a strap line), you don't really know what it's about until you dive into making it. Sometimes you think you know at the start, but it always

My great motivational speech: you're going to die

I'm not your typical motivational speaker. I'm not Tony Robbins (the big guy with the teeth and the headset) and I don't try to be (not least because I'm over a foot shorter than him). And yet I often get asked to speak. Earlier this year one of those invitations was from the lovely, wise, and somewhat

Why don’t we do the stuff we really care about?

You get your important work done just fine in your job (even if it’s at the last possible moment). So why don’t you make such consistent progress on your own projects? What happened to your plans to change career, start a business or write that book you’ve been thinking about? Did you put it aside

What's your big adventure?

Our Head Coach, Selina Barker, is about to set off on her own big adventure. She's packing up her life, reducing all her possessions, and putting everything that remains into a campervan named Beryl. Then she sets off for a 6 month road trip around the UK and Europe, meeting people, having fun, and running

Are you a self-help addict? Check for these 4 warning signs

I love self-help and I'm guessing you do too. All those books, courses and workshops can genuinely help increase your happiness, success and wealth (they have mine). But how much is too much? When have you become a self-help-aholic? See if you recognise these signs in yourself or anyone you know: It all starts off innocently enough with

What to do when your idea's too big

You've got an idea you want to put into action - an idea for a business, a mission to become famous, or a vision of making a living doing something you love. But... it's BIG. Too big. It requires you to quit your job. Or it needs a lot of money. Or a whole team

Who do you hate? (Or "How to get unstuck")

Here at Screw Work Let's Play HQ we've been busy getting ready for the Screw Work Let's Play Programme which starts tomorrow. On the 8 week programme we deal a lot with the internal blocks that stop people getting the working lives they want. As a result, we've learned a lot about why people get

Join the 2011 Play Revolution

If your promises to yourself for this year include finding a way to get paid for something you love, I want to help you do it. Last year, Screw Work Let's Play hit the bestseller lists, was raved about in The Times - twice - and this year, it's being translated into Dutch, Italian and Korean. But we've

Meet your tribe of players, scanners & entrepreneurs

If you're reading this blog, chances are you're a creative person with a lot of ideas (otherwise known as a scanner). And your biggest challenges include choosing which idea to pursue, making it happen quickly, and turning your best ideas into something that might make you a living. If that's the case, don't try and