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How Claire Hughes started her business in 30 days

2 years ago Claire Hughes wanted to start something of her own but she didn't even have a business idea. So she joined the Screw Work Let's Play 30 Day Challenge. Now she has a thriving business of her own – Handmade Horizons – and today she moved into her very own office. I took the chance to

You've been brainwashed!

If you've ever got stuck trying to work out how you could make a living without having a job, that's not surprising - because you've been brainwashed. Watch this video, possibly our most controversial ever, to find out how you were brainwashed – and what you can do about it. The NEW 30 Day Challenge

Announcing the NEW 30 Day Challenge

If you dream of finding an idea that could make you money and getting it started in 30 days, we have big news for you today! The NEW 30 Day Challenge is coming. We've restructured our (now famous) 30 Day Challenge to be twice as exciting. Because now we're going to show you how to find an

It's not about your idea...

Are you still hunting for your killer idea for a book, business, or other project to make you some money outside of your job? Then watch my 2 minute video:   What will you start? Leave a comment and let us know...  

"But I don't have a business idea!"

So you want to get paid to do something you love, you want to be able to make money without turning up to a boring job every day... that's great, but what if you don't have a business idea? No problem. Just watch this video with me and Selina: What's your seedling project? Leave a

How to start a business - the ridiculously simple step by step guide

Last week I was teaching 50 people how to find an idea they could make money out of and turn it into their own business. And I realised that far too many people would love to do the same thing but don't know how to take the very first steps. So... I created a 2

How to quit your job

So you want to quit your job. Firstly, I salute you! I had some great jobs before I gave up on them all together but no matter how interesting, varied, or well-paid they were, nothing compares to the total freedom I experience now. I can do what I want, where I want, when I want

Announcing a Screw Work event live in London: Screw Work, Let's Get Rich!

For the last 3 years since my first book was published my events and programmes have helped well over a 1000 people to discover what they love and get started on it straight away. But now I'm turning my attention to another really important topic - how to turn the things you love into a great living.

The secret of playing the money game: Think big, start small

It's easy to imagine that the normal route to creating a successful business is to come up with a killer idea, write a business plan, prove that the whole thing will work, then go take a giant leap of faith – and a massive risk along with it. But this simply isn't true. The roots

The player's guide to making your dreams happen

What if everything you'd been told about careers, work, and success was wrong? You've been told to sit and think about what you really want out of life until you know exactly what it is, then set a big goal to achieve it, plot a methodical course to get there, and do the actions on