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The challenge of creating something personal: Noel Langley on his #1 Jazz album

You may not have heard the name of top trumpet player Noel Langley before but you can bet you’ve heard him play. That’s because he’s played with everyone from Lou Reed, Massive Attack, and Radiohead to Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, and Adele. And yet despite his glittering career he had never released an album of […]

Listen as I reveal my career highs & lows and how to make your dream career happen

Now the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge is over I am enjoying getting back to finishing off my 2nd book. Towards the end of the Challenge I did manage to take an hour out to be interviewed by a great guy called David Ralph on his “Join Up Dots” podcast. In the podcast […]

Introducing your Global Headquarters

We’re already one week into the 30 Day Challenge with our 300 participants and we have a very international crowd this time around – as you can see from the member map above. Everyone has now pretty much settled on an idea and is busy beavering away to make it happen by 30th June. Yesterday […]

Not a Completer Finisher?

For much of my early life I felt bad because I wasn’t a ‘Completer Finisher’. Perhaps you might relate to this? I was good at daydreaming and coming up with ideas, not so good at choosing what to do or getting real and putting things into action. And then I realised something. It doesn’t matter […]

The single most important skill you need today

We live in remarkable times. Last week the Financial Times reported that China is set to overtake America this year as the world’s largest economy. What will the world be like when the West no longer sets the economic agenda? In addition to this economic shift we’re also seeing a workplace shift away from full-time […]

Tickets for the 30 Day Challenge go on sale this week…

I’m sitting writing this in a Marrakech Riad at the end of a few days away before the craziness of The Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge descends upon us. The Challenge runs on 1 June with me, Business Coach Judith Morgan, and a team of 200 people around the world. If you’d like […]

A Screw Work Let’s Play Newsflash

We have two big and exciting announcements to share with you at Screw Work Let’s Play HQ today. Listen to the audio below to find out what’s happening: Watch out for further news on this in just a few days’ time…   Tweet

Is this your block to starting making money without a job?

I’ve been teaching people how to make money doing something they love without needing a job for almost a decade now. And I know that anyone who’s determined to do it can make it happen. And yet often I see people get stuck along the way. Perhaps you are too? What I’ve discovered is that […]

Are you ready for the death of the job?

Last week, Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, issued a stern warning at the World Economic Forum. He said that the jobs problem will be “the defining one” for the next two to three decades because the constant development of new technology will mean more and more middle class workers losing their jobs. And as several other experts have stated, […]

The process of success

Today is the last day of the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge. Right now, 300 people are scrambling to get the results of their 30 day projects ready to show to all us on the Challenge – they are unveiling blogs, online shops, new business websites, photos of products, artworks, events and workshops, […]