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Inventing Tips from Trevor Baylis OBE

Here’s a 4 minute guide to inventing from creator of the clockwork radio, Trevor Baylis OBE – including how to protect your idea with a patent or trademark. We are fortunate to have Trevor speaking at my London event Scanners Night on 12th May. Read more and grab your place. Tweet

Why Kindergarten children beat Business School graduates at finding solutions

Here’s a great video from Tom Wujec about the Marshmallow Challenge; a team exercise to build a simple structure from pieces of dried spaghetti and a marshmallow. When he tried this game out on many different groups, he found some of the worst performers were Business School graduates and some of the best were Kindergarten […]

How to become a £1000/day consultant

My last full-time job was Senior Managing Consultant at Deloitte and I quit to become an independent consultant. My plan was to charge double my daily income at Deloitte so I could take half my time off to do more creative things. In the end I quadrupled my daily income  (earning over £1000/day) and only […]