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The power of a play project

I've been busy recently co-running the Screw Work Let's Play Programme, helping ten people find out what work would really feel like play to them. The core of the programme is getting the participants to launch a play project - a 4 week project that will be fun to do and explores an area of

Does your business idea pass the shower test?

A central idea of Screw Work Let's Play is that in order to be successful in launching something new - starting a business, writing a best-selling book, creating an income stream with Internet Marketing - the central topic of what you're doing must be something you have real interest and passion for. There isn't any successful

The Times: Fed up with work? So play!

Earlier this month The Times did a 2 page spread on Screw Work, Let's Play and myself (John Williams) as the author. How did they represent play? By photographing me sitting on a space hopper (sadly the space hopper is cut out on this online version). It's actually rather a good introduction to the book so

"Cars are what I lived for" - John Haynes, creator of Haynes manuals

At 16 years old, while still at school, John Haynes realised that "Cars are what I lived for". He bought an Austin Seven Saloon, dismantled it, and built a lightweight, open two-seater sports car. Then he had an idea - as he explains in this BBC News interview by Mark Miodownik from last year, "I thought to

How to Create a Billion Pound Business

Mike Harris is one of the few people in the world to grow 3 multi-billion pound businesses. He was the founding CEO of the internet bank Egg, the wonderful telephone/online bank FirstDirect, and also grew a massive division of Mercury Communications. (I've used every one of them for their superb customer service.) Want to have

"There is no reason now left to do shit you hate" says Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk's a guy who took over his family's wine business turning over $2 million a year and turned it into a $50 million business. He is a master of the new media including online video and social networking. He's also a very down to earth guy from New Jersey with strong opinions. He suggests

If it's not fun...

Here's a great quote I saw on the wall of London social enterprise startup LeapAnywhere who help "find the coolest and quirkiest charity events and volunteer activities in your city so it's easier for you to have more fun and do more good": The Basso quote is a good guide for anyone's business or career.

What to do when you have no idea what work you would enjoy

Are you totally stuck on finding work you would enjoy? Hit a brick wall? Nothing looks very appealing? Or maybe you have a few ideas but can't for the life of you decide which one to pursue? You're just going round and round in circles in your own head. STOP! Want to know what's really

How to tell when it's time to change your work

I got sent some very dull trade magazines back when I was a broadcast systems consultant. A typical front page headline would be "New metadata schema agreed". Most of these would go straight in the recycle bin. However, as I was a highly paid consultant I felt I needed to do something to keep up

Is the dream of your ideal work possible?

Are you one of those career changers or aspiring entrepreneurs who has spent a lot of time pondering whether the work you want to do is possible? Whether you can get paid for it? Whether you can beat all the competition to get to do what you want? Give it up. It's time to make a