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The best 424 words on writing I’ve ever read

One of my favourite pieces of writing on writing that I have ever read is by Paul Graham. Paul is a fascinating entrepreneur. He designed the algorithm used by most anti-spam software around the world and he now runs Y Combinator, a seed funder for startups. He is also a superb essayist. In this short […]

Meet the man who travels the world and gets paid doing it – the Chris Guillebeau interview

Chris Guillebeau makes a full-time living from his blog┬áThe Art of Non Conformity while travelling the world on his mission to visit every country on Earth. Last year he very kindly agreed to be interviewed for my book Screw Work, Let’s Play and share a little of what’s made his lifestyle possible. Chris, how do […]

Join my 90 day blogging challenge

Whether you want to write a book, develop a business idea, get famous for your art, or get traffic to your business site, blogging is one of the most effective things you can do. That’s why I recommend it so strongly in my book Screw Work, Let’s Play. But for blogging to work, it needs […]