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Announcing Find Your Money-Maker

You might think I’d get tired after 5 years of Screw Work Let’s Play but I have to admit I’m ridiculously excited about my news today. My new programme FIND YOUR MONEY-MAKER is available right now at at a rather crazy saving of 80%!   This is an exciting moment for me because it represents the pinnacle […]

How two Screw Work readers invented the world’s first healthy ice cream and made it a hit

Brothers Harry and Charlie Thuillier read Screw Work Let’s Play back in 2011 and it inspired them on a series of adventures that culminated in creating the world’s first healthy ice cream, Oppo. Oppo has now won several awards, is sold in leading supermarkets, and is in the short list to win business help from Richard […]

“The shortest answer is doing the thing”

What should you dedicate your life to? What’s your passion? Which of your ideas will really pay off? Which one can actually make money? Do you actually have the skills or even the confidence to pull it off? These are the kind of questions that can seize us when we’re trying to choose something new to start. Sometimes they […]

Here’s the formula for getting paid to do what you love

What if there was a formula for getting paid to do what you love? Well I reckon I’ve cracked it. Drawing on all my work with people over the last decade I came up with the Playcheque Formula. The formula has just 4 elements and once you’ve unlocked it you too can get paid to do something you love. […]

How to run a multi-million dollar company with (almost) no rules

Recently I watched a video that blew my mind. The speaker Ricardo Semler runs a Brazilian company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars and yet has almost no rules at all – no set hours, location, holiday time, management structure, or business plan. Want to go to the beach or to see a film on a […]

How to deal with excruciatingly dull meetings at work

This week I was interviewed by The Telegraph newspaper on that bugbear of corporate life, the meeting. My main focus is always on how to avoid the whole world of pointless meetings by exiting corporate life but I’ve also picked up a few strategies for better meetings along the way. The piece includes the story […]

How to get established quickly when you’re just starting out

When you’re starting out on your own, it’s hard to imagine how you can compete with the big players in your field. How can your idea for a book on personal finance possibly stack up against Rich Dad Poor Dad? How can your idea for a time management app succeed when there are so many other apps out […]

How to create a PayPal button and add it your website or blog

One of the very simplest ways to start making money on your website or blog is to create a PayPal buy button. Here’s my short video showing exactly how to do it: Want to learn more? Sign up to get more tips and strategies to get paid to do what you love. Tweet

Making your first 10k doing something you love

When you make your first £10,000 (or $ or €) doing something you love, you never forget it. It’s one thing to make a few pounds/bucks here and there but it’s another altogether to make that first 10k. And that’s because, as I discovered earlier on in my career, that the activities that could make […]

If you’re trying to choose an idea, STOP!

To start making money without a job you need an idea for something to do, right? Some kind of business idea or other money-making idea. And if you can’t think of a specific idea to start then there’s nothing you can do until you happen upon one. At least that’s what we’re taught to believe. Well I’m here […]