Screw Work Let’s Play – Audio Guide

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You’ve read Screw Work Let’s Play (or love the concept of it!)
but you still have questions about how to make it happen for you

Get the insider know-how on how to get paid to play
in this 12-part audio series where the author, John Williams,
talks you through the BIGGEST must-dos from each chapter of the book.

John says:

“I created this audio guide for you if…

  1. You’ve read Screw Work Let’s Play and are still stuck – and you’d like a little more help to get you unstuck. You see, I crammed a lot of stuff into the book and some of it is critical to understand – this a chance for me to show you what is most important to make it happen for you.
  2. You’re a fan but you’re ready to learn more – to go deeper into the content covered in the book. (And this is a chance to hear it straight from the author’s mouth!)
  3. You haven’t read the whole book or you want some way to easily review it again – that’s great because the audio guide works as a cut-to-the-chase summary that you can listen to in the car, while cooking, or working out.”

11 Audio Lessons

  • For each of the 11 chapters in the book, John will explain in his own words the 2-3 points you must understand to get paid to do what you love and why.
  • Listen from your computer or download to your iPod to listen to on the move.
  • Over 4 hours of audio, broken down into easily digestible chunks

Brand new content

  • Plus for each chapter you’ll get something extra not included in the book – new content or a real life story that brings the ideas to life.

Bonus Burst Badge Red 10 Bonus Worksheets

You also receive editable worksheets to accompany each of the 10 ‘Secret’ audios and get you ‘screwing work and playing’ faster than ever. John talks you through the core exercises to get things moving, and has personally created these worksheets to get you started as you listen.

“John will change the way you think about work and play – and the line between one and the other”

Tim Nicholls

Bonus Burst Badge Red

Extra Bonus – The Block-Busting Guide

Order now and you’ll also receive the Block-Busting Guide – an extra audio lesson from John explaining how to bust through the 5 biggest blocks that stop you getting paid to play:

  1. I just can’t choose what to do!
  2. I can’t make money from what I really want to do
  3. My idea is too huge or would need a ton of money – it’s impossible!
  4. I just don’t have the time it will take to start doing what I want
  5. I’ve lost my way and can’t seem to keep momentum

For each one, John will explain how to get round the roadblock and get moving again to getting paid to play.

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“John, when I bought your book I was desperate, life sucked and I sucked at my job. Now I’ve got a job in Sydney which I am already re-designing to focus on my skills and can see opportunity they can’t even imagine.

What you do is so incredibly powerful, thank you your book changed my life in real tangible ways.”

Dave Brown, Sydney