The Screw Work Academy Syllabus


MONTH 1: Create your killer offer:

  • How to find and test ideas you love that will make good money.
  • How to start right now (without quitting your job)
Discover your own natural way to wealth with Wealth Dynamics


MONTH 2: Make a website that sells

  • The simplest layout imaginable for a website that can make you money
How to describe what you offer in a way that wins the maximum number of sales


MONTH 3: Build your tribe

  • Fast tribe & traffic building from scatch.
How to build an email list of 1000s on auto
  • How to write newsletters that really engage and make you money


MONTH 4: Pimp your proposition

  • How to turn your offer into a one-of-a-kind with no competition, and that attracts viral word of mouth and free PR
‘Pimp your proposition’ demos
  • How to raise your prices and still win more clients/sales/business
  • How (and why) to write & market a bestselling book


MONTH 5: Launch with a big splash

  • How to make £10k in 24 hours
  • 3 secrets to launching your business/product/offer with a splash and making the maximum income in the minimum time
  • How to fill a live event/workshop/course


MONTH 6: Scale to a 6 figure business

The secrets of scale & leverage – making more money for minimum extra work
Leave with your own 6 figure strategy.