Academy Platinum Module 1

September Webinar

We had a problem with the full video recording of the first webinar but thankfully Justina made an audio recorded of the first hour. You can listen to it here:



Module 1 Slides


Module 1 Intro

The broadcast recording went wrong for the first 14 minutes of the evening so I’ve recreated the presentation and put here separately (the rest of part 1 of the evening is below):

Module 1 Part 1

NOTE: The audio is missing for the first 14 minutes of this video due to our broadcasting system hiccup. (See the separate intro video above to watch it).

Module 1 Part 2


Here is the Idea choice worksheet XLSX to generate ideas and make a choice

This is explained in Module 1


Website Offer Kickoff Guide

Here’s the PDF you need to take advantage of the free website install offer