IDEA LAB Module 3: Making it Your Own

This page contains all the content for the third module of the Screw Work Academy IDEA LAB

Module 3 syllabus

  • Discover how to turn any idea into a one-of-kind with no competition that attracts viral word of mouth and free PR
  • How to start building a following while you’re still learning about the topic yourself
You’ll go away with a niched idea and a simple strategy to start attracting interested people.

You can download the PDF here

Idea Review

IDEA LAB members can have an Idea Review with John. To take part, complete the relevant worksheet below and send it to Shona when you arrange your appointment. You’ll receive more details by email. (NOTE: This applies to IDEA LAB members only, not Momentum)

Here are the playsheets you need for your Idea Review with John. Please choose according to your situation and send only one playsheet.

If you have several ideas and want John to help you choose between them, complete this spreadsheet:

Academy Playsheet – Idea Evaluation (Excel)

If you have already chosen your idea and want John to help you clarify how to make it work and make money out of it, fill in this spreadsheet:

Academy Playsheet – My Idea (Excel)

Please only send one playsheet.

Dates of all webinars are on this page.


NOTE: Although we record all webinars for the Academy, if you can possibly attend live, DO! There is nothing like the feeling of being live online with John and your fellow Academy members and being able to ask me your own questions. If you want to get the best possible results from your membership of the Academy, do everything you can to attend LIVE!


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