Here’s the formula for getting paid to do what you love

What if there was a formula for getting paid to do what you love?

Well I reckon I’ve cracked it.

Drawing on all my work with people over the last decade I came up with the Playcheque Formula.

The formula has just 4 elements and once you’ve unlocked it you too can get paid to do something you love.

It’s the second of my series on the 5 things I’ve learned in the 5 years since my book was published.

Watch my video to unlock the Playcheque Formula:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you cracked the formula or are you still playing it out?

Need help unlocking the Playcheque Formula?

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  • Joeplu

    Thank you for sharing this with us John. I know your telling me the same basic thing again but in a different way, keep doing this because I hope one day soon it with sink in and I will get off my arse and do something with all these ideas I have instead of just moaning about what I haven’t got. Thanks all the best to you.

  • johnsw

    Ha! Where do you think you’ve got to on the Playcheque Formula, Joe?

  • Joeplu

    Well I’ve got lot’s of idea’s but that’s about it. As unfulfilling as I feel my life is now I don’t think I have touched bottom yet, I may think I have but I must have further to fall as I don’t seem to have that push to get what needs to be done. I understand all that you say and know that’s the way forward for me. I get excited about my plans and Ideas when I hear you talk or I read your blog but then I go to work it’s ok don’t have to think much, then I get home and I can make myself feel better by losing myself in the TV for a few hours and before I know it that’s the evening gone!!!

    I know I’ve got my priorities wrong and the sad thing is that when I was 40 I used to think next year I will put my plans into action, now I’m 50 I’m thinking am I too old for all this change now should I just stay where I am?……Which in those moments of enlightenment I know is crap.

    Wow I went on a bit then, I bet you’re glad you asked now!! Sorry I didn’t know when to stop.

  • johnsw

    I think the solution Joe is microblocking. Start doing 20 minutes when you get home with a countdown timer as I describe in my book. That will shake you out of stuckness without triggering procrastination