How to deal with excruciatingly dull meetings at work

Office Space GIFThis week I was interviewed by The Telegraph newspaper on that bugbear of corporate life, the meeting.

My main focus is always on how to avoid the whole world of pointless meetings by exiting corporate life but I’ve also picked up a few strategies for better meetings along the way.

The piece includes the story of my worst meeting ever:

The Telegraph – How to deal with excruciatingly dull meetings at work

Telegraph Meetings article

Radio interview

The Telegraph article led BBC Wales to give me a call to speak on their morning radio show – listen below…

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  • Well done John with the radio show, I agree with what you said about meetings. I never liked them when I was working in corporate world as most of them were unnecessary and inefficient. However, benefits of having your own business is that (if necessary) you can have more efficient and pleasant 1-on-1 meetings, usually with coffee and exchanging ideas about business growth.