If you’re trying to choose an idea, STOP!

To start making money without a job you need an idea for something to do, right? Some kind of business idea or other money-making idea.

And if you can’t think of a specific idea to start then there’s nothing you can do until you happen upon one.

At least that’s what we’re taught to believe.

Well I’m here to tell you to STOP looking for an idea.

Call off the search for a fully formed idea that’s ready to fly.


Because that’s not how ideas are found. And believing that you should wait around until something falls out of the sky (or the deepest recesses of your subconscious) leaves you completely stuck – as you might have noticed  🙂

Here’s what to do instead

base-campDon’t look for a specific business idea or book idea or blog idea or anything else ready to go.

Focus instead on finding a basecamp idea.

A basecamp idea is a step in the right direction. It’s simply choosing which mountain you want to climb.

Then you can choose the specific route you’re going to take to the summit later.

Your basecamp idea will probably sound too vague if you said it aloud to other people but that’s OK because it’s simply a means for you plot a path you want to explore some more.

An example basecamp idea would be to explore non-fiction book topics, or to experiment with possible iPad apps, to develop some kind of event, or to find ways to help people in a particular situation, or a fun way to use a particular skill you have.

Whatever it is for you, it’s a million times more useful than sitting and doing nothing because you “don’t have any ideas”. Once you’re at basecamp and immersed in exploring the area, that’s when you’ll start to get real inspiration to create something great.

What’s your basecamp idea?

What could you choose as a rough direction to head in? What’s the basecamp you’re heading for? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  • Great Concept. I work with people who are drowning in ideas and the angst of choosing the one that will be theee winner. Exhausting.
    Finding a way to chill with all this creative energy is important so you can find your way forward. What a good way to make that process easier….and start using some of those great ideas. YOur basecamp approach gives them a place to show up. Thanks for this.

  • Sarah

    I am one of those people Dawn – paralysis by analysis! Ok – is this too vague? Inspired by a trip of a lifetime to Nepal, I want to work with colour in some way.

  • Simon Stokes


    I have lots of ideas but this one has been
    developing over a year or more, longer in its original

    It’s me riding my motorcycle to sites in the
    UK, tracing the history of a medieval bunch of Knights, the Templars. This has evolved from photographing them, to doing a website with locations and pictures to filming it. Launching on YouTube probably, unless the BBC want it… The modern knight rides a high mileage BMW R1200GS obviously.

    Series 2 gets me into Europe.

  • johnsw

    How did Nepal inspire you in colour?
    And what is it about colour that excites you?

  • johnsw

    I like it! The investigation of the Knights Templar while riding the modern equivalent of a steed is very interesting. TV is very tough to crack – even for people already well established in it. But perhaps there’s a sponsored YouTube series. I guess BMW might be a good place to start!

  • Simon Stokes

    Thanks John, I hear that TV is all most impossible to crack, but if a toaster can get 100000 Views on YouTube maybe my idea can.

    Getting sponsorship is a good idea and might be the best way to add credibility to the project. I mentioned this idea to a friend just over a year ago as the idea had evolved, he’s a police motorcycle traffic officer and he mentioned it to the Honda rep, who said Honda might be interested….

    The dream would be to make enough to pay for series 2 and launch a couple of other projects I have in mind. It’s worth trying and failing, but somehow I think if I keep delivering all of the things that I need would follow, maybe…

  • Sarah

    From the minute the plane landed to the minute we got back on it to go home all our senses were bombarded with new sights, smells and experiences, but the one thing that had the most impact on me was that all the colours seemed brighter. People wear bright coloured clothes – beautiful girls emerging in bright dresses from the piles of rubble it was hard to believe that anyone could live in. And then in the Himalayas the bluest of skies and the vivid. On landing in gloomy grey Manchester I swore to myself that I would find a way of injecting colour into my life and those around me. So I had my colours done and as a trainer and Coach I have experimented with wearing different clothes and using colour in my sessions and observed the positive effect it has on people’s moods. My ‘pipe dream’ (as I’ve been told) is to have a clothing line featuring only really bright vivid colours and I have a niche area in mind – but no idea if I am being realistic as it is a new area for me. Then I think perhaps I should start with something closer to what I know. Then I start thinking maybe I should move away from colour and try one of my other ideas…aghh!

  • johnsw

    OK, keep in touch!

  • johnsw

    Well you could try something like the British couple in Australia who travelled to Nepal a lot and started sourcing clothing there. They set up http://skygypsies.com.au using Shopify and now live off the profits of the shop.