How is your follow-through?

300 people recently told me their biggest obstacles to starting something they love and making money out of it…

And one of the top problems that came up again and again and again was “Follow-through” – the ability to stick to one idea and follow it through to the point it’s working and making real money.

So here’s what I’ve got to say about the challenge of following through…


What’s your pattern?

So what gets in the way of your follow-through? Leave a comment and let me know…

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  • Eva Lu

    Hi John, I think this is very important topic. While I was going through the phase of quitting my job and starting my own business your book “Screw Work Let’s Play” really helped me a lot to keep the right mindset! I’m very grateful to you because of that. I think many people are afraid of “unknown” and dealing with issues they never had before. In the startup phase of the business there are many new problems to solve each day but the good thing is that each of these problems has a solution. The key is to tackle one issue at the time, otherwise you can easily become overwhelmed with too many things. The truth is that the bigger problems you solve, the more successful you can be!
    If anyone needs extra motivation, we share lot of inspirational quotes and tips on It is very important to “feed” your mind with positive things every day!

  • johnsw

    Good point about tackling one issue at a time, Eva

  • Life gets in the way, certainly. Mostly the job. But I’m also guilty of sabotaging my own success by getting overwhelmed, stepping back and squandering opportunities. That makes me so frustrated with myself! To follow through I need to find a more sustainable pace and be more consistent.

  • johnsw

    You’re not doing that badly though Richard from what I’ve seen you produce with your cartoons

  • Just fit in one little thing each day towards your goal … baby steps. Just keep at it 🙂