How Chris Wild turned a simple idea into the worldwide hit blog, Retronaut

Yesterday I gave you my answer to the first of the 5 biggest questions given to me by the SWLP tribe on how to find an idea you love, get it started and scale it up into a full-blown 6-figure income.

Today I want to talk about the 2nd big question –

“How can I find an original idea?”

And while I’m at it, there is a closely related question that came up a lot that I want to address too:

“How do I choose when I have a lot of ideas?”

So how can you find an idea that will really take off?

To answer that question, I met up with Chris Wild who had coaching with me a few years ago.

Chris had a LOT of ideas, and some of them were pretty out there to be honest. But it seemed obvious to me that one really stood out.

Chris took that simple idea and turned it into Retronaut – one of the most popular blogs in the world.

Retronaut now gets 50,000 hits a day, and has been named “Best of the web” by the Daily Mail.

As a result of his blog, The Times even named Chris, “One of the 50 most important people to follow on twitter”.


See how Chris did it

Watch this short interview where I ask Chris about choosing his idea, the impossible dream that fuelled it, and the moment he knew he had a smash hit on this hands….


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