Introducing your Global Headquarters

30DC6 map

We’re already one week into the 30 Day Challenge with our 300 participants and we have a very international crowd this time around – as you can see from the member map above. Everyone has now pretty much settled on an idea and is busy beavering away to make it happen by 30th June.

Global HQ

Yesterday I set an exercise for the participants to create their “Global Headquarters”.

And I pointed out the fact that these days your Global HQ can often be anywhere you choose – your kitchen table, the local cafe, or on a beach in Thailand.

I’ve been enjoying seeing everyone post up images of their Global HQ’s from around the world like Joyce from Newcastle’s in the photo here, or Candi’s campervan in New Zealand where she is travelling around interviewing natural health practitioners.

You can do this too. Choose a place and start thinking of it as your Global HQ.

Clear a little space, whether that’s physical space or some space on your hard drive. Gather together the things you need, even if it’s just a blank notebook and some headphones to listen to music on.

Because when you make space for it you treat your project, whatever it might be, like something you really care about; something that matters.



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