Not a Completer Finisher?

For much of my early life I felt bad because I wasn’t a ‘Completer Finisher’.

Perhaps you might relate to this?

I was good at daydreaming and coming up with ideas, not so good at choosing what to do or getting real and putting things into action.

And then I realised something.

It doesn’t matter that I’m not a natural Completer Finisher.

It fact it’s an important part of my personality that I am not one. I have different talents and that’s just fine.

I don’t need to be good at planning, or thinking things through in advance, or remembering every detail that needs to be done. I can get people to help me with that stuff.

What I did instead was develop a method of following through on short projects – in a fun way – so I could get the things I wanted in my life.

I put the process I discovered into the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge so that others could learn it too.

And the results people get from it surprise even me!

Nicola Cameron took the 30 Day Challenge and created a dog training course in 30 days at

Nicola says:

“Throughout my life I’ve been great at starting things but hopeless at finishing them.

Now in my early thirties, I thought I was stuck in that pattern and that changing my work was just another of my ‘ideas’.

Having completed the 30 day challenge and now having a finished and available product to my name, I now know that I can do it.

I’m also quite shy so the 30 DC gave me the push (and support) I needed to put myself and my product out there. Thank you.”

I asked Nicola what she’d say to you if you were considering joining the 30 Day Challenge:

“Please do it. You will not regret it.

I received this advice last year and I am so, so glad that I took it and signed up. It has changed how I feel about myself in such a positive way”

Start your own adventure – the remaining tickets for the 30 Day Challenge will go on sale this Thursday 8th May at noon for just 36 hours.

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PS. If you are a Completer Finisher, that’s great! You might then, of course, have challenges with generating ideas or getting started 🙂
And that’s something you’ll also learn a lot about in the Challenge.

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