A Screw Work Let’s Play Newsflash

We have two big and exciting announcements to share with you at Screw Work Let’s Play HQ today.

Listen to the audio below to find out what’s happening:

Watch out for further news on this in just a few days’ time…


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  • Muriel Lauvige

    Sounds great! I like how you listened to what people wanted and adapted the program!

  • Chrissie Slade

    How exciting:) Great to see the 30DC evolving each time it runs.

  • Deborah Taylor

    Judith is AMAZING!!

  • johnsw

    Thanks Chrissie, I so loved your shampoo project!

  • johnsw

    Cheers Muriel!

  • johnsw

    She is indeed Deborah 🙂

  • Daniel Wagner

    Sounds awesome John! I love how you make it BETTER every time!

  • johnsw

    Thanks Daniel! I’m excited about this one…

  • Brigitte Gleissner

    These are exciting news. I was on the fence if I do another 30DC this year but this offer is very enticing.

  • johnsw

    Would be lovely to have you back, Brigitte!

  • Brilliant! Judith sounds like she’ll bring lots of valuable experience to the crazy ride that is the 30 Day Challenge. Looking forward to your creative conflicts! See you there.

  • johnsw