The process of success

Today is the last day of the Screw Work Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge. Right now, 300 people are scrambling to get the results of their 30 day projects ready to show to all us on the Challenge – they are unveiling blogs, online shops, new business websites, photos of products, artworks, events and workshops, and even finished books posted on Amazon for sale.

For some it’s just a rough prototype or the beginnings of something, for others it’s a complete offering that can be sold.

It’s a delight for us to see their project launches coming in – people who often started with no idea at all, worked through all the uncertainty and doubts and kept playing, and now they’ve finished something they can share

And the challengers understand something else: that their dreams don’t live or die on this idea. In fact, this idea is just a starting point, a seed for what will come next.

While I love seeing what they’ve produced, I know that it isn’t what really matters. What matters is not this single idea or even how well they’ve executed it. It’s the process they’ve learned. A process for generating ideas and then making them happen.

And when you know that process, you can do anything.

We’re led to believe that finding the right idea, achieving a certain goal, winning a certain job, getting a book deal, or making a certain turnover will mean we’ve arrived. So we focus on what that goal is and how we can get there so we can be done. And when we can’t see how to get there we think it might not be possible for us.

But the people who have succeeded in getting paid to do what they love know that that’s not true. There is a process to success and it can be learned and then followed.

So if you catch yourself asking, “Can I get what I want?”, STOP.

Instead ask yourself a better question: “Am I willing to learn how to get what I want?”


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  • Brian Angel

    I totally agree. It’s the process that counts when you are creating new projects. I have launched 9 magazines, nightclubs, campaigns and much else besides. There are remarkable learning s and many similarities whether launching an alternative comedy club or a multi-million TV business magazine. Work with friends. Set clear simple targets. Show your ideas as clearly as possible with photos, dummy/models, similar examples. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. And most important: if it ain’t fun it ain’t worth a f#ck!! Good luck. Your projects sound amazing. Can’t wait to hear about them. Brian “Angel” Davis

  • Natalie Vijlbrief

    In the beginning of the 30DC I really thought “Can I get this” “Can I do that”, but now I love the process much more. It is wonderful to work on something and see where it leads.

  • johnsw

    It’s quite a thing isn’t it?!

  • johnsw

    Love it, Brian!

  • Great article John!

    As one of the 300 who were scrambling to the finish line I can truly say I’m fired up! At the beginning of the challenge the dream was about creating a careers eCourse for teens,yet by the end what became important was me showing up every day and getting the next step done.

    Rather than worrying about the finish product, the focus became “what’s next” and “getting it done.”

    Thank you so much for creating this life changing opportunity for all of us who hear that whisper of doubt “can I get what I want?” The answer is definitely “Yes we can!”

  • Colin Kennedy

    I joined the 30DC at the last minute and didn’t know what to expect. I realized very quickly once I started getting the daily buzzes that may be, just may be there was something in this challenge that could help me to move forward with my projects.

    Bingo!! A light was switched on and now I know where I’m going wrong. No focus..Not shipping!! It’s not the fully story but now I know my journey is going to be a lot more exciting and rewarding in more ways than I could imagine. Follow the process, get it done, move on..

  • johnsw

    It’s been great to have you with us, Donovan!

  • johnsw

    Cool – and I’m so impressed you’ve got your product on sale on Amazon!