You've been brainwashed!

If you've ever got stuck trying to work out how you could make a living without having a job, that's not surprising - because you've been brainwashed.

Watch this video, possibly our most controversial ever, to find out how you were brainwashed – and what you can do about it.

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If you dream of finding an idea that could make you money and getting it started in 30 days, we have good news for you!

The NEW Screw Work Let's Play 30 Day Challenge opens for booking at noon tomorrow, Tuesday 1st October, for just 48 hours.

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  • Andrea

    I've watched several 30 Day Challenges come and go... I still can't see how I can do the work I love - in the ways I choose (no compromise) - and get paid for it.

    I work on projects with many subsets, that last from six to 24 months. They come to me because the other people who attempted them were overwhelmed.

    I enjoy them for the challenges and the improvising and the repurposing. The people who hand me those projects cannot afford to pay.

    The thought of joining the orthodox mainstream and 'competing' for vaguely similar work - with all the attendant strings and compliances - no. I've been there.

    The no pay people let me have the freedom, and are delighted with the results.

    What do I have to do (apart from swallowing dead rats) to find paying clients? Doing the essence of the work? That's like one of those 'whole day in five minutes' videos - not like the flow of the real thing at all.

    Clues very welcome.

    PS Did you plant the acorns yet?