It’s not about your idea…

Are you still hunting for your killer idea for a book, business, or other project to make you some money outside of your job?

Then watch my 2 minute video:


What will you start?

Leave a comment and let us know…


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  • Sue

    Great Video John and a great reminder!

  • tawanda

    Thanks john, I am in the process of starting something, I have a product and working on a website to ship it. Its a wordpress plugin, I hope it sells. Its been a long journey to get to the stage I am now, however everything got easier the moment I DECIDED to START. thanks for the inspiration

  • D

    Thanks, John. Great video! Hard to pack something useful into 2min, however, you packed so much into those 2min!

    I am in the process of writing a book and starting to work on mobile apps.

  • Sabine Konrath

    Thanks John, for the reminder. So, I write it down here: my blog will start in 30 days. I am doing it – I’ll try!

  • ladieswhoimpress

    My idea was to create We started with one event and are now gearing up to our fourth! I agree – there is no point talking it over, just get on with a project and see where it takes you!

  • Muthu

    Extraordinary insights. On my own, it would have taken years probably to come to recognize the 3 points you made. Thanks John. Thanks very much.

  • johnsw

    Thankyou Muthu! We’re not taught this at school so I’m passionate about getting these ideas out there

  • johnsw

    That’s brilliant Jana!

  • johnsw

    That’s great! What’s it going to be about Sabine?

  • johnsw

    Cool. Let us know when you have something to share.

  • johnsw

    Great project, Tawanda

  • johnsw


  • Sabine Konrath

    to be honest I haven’t decided yet…too many things going on in my scanner brain ๐Ÿ™‚
    maybe about creativity in my daily life … or about having fun as a scanner

  • Rizal K

    I have to agree that it doesn’t matter what ideas you have. Start you must. After a year, I’ve finally have a clearer picture.

  • Ricky Chauhan

    I just need to start. Good video. Too hung up on the perfect idea. Worried about whether it will work. Knock backs. Failing.

  • Richard_Pettitt

    Great little video. So true. It was only by starting and trying things out this year that I realised what I truly enjoy doing and what other people are prepared to pay for. I am learning so much and getting so many ideas from the process of doing, not just thinking and planning.

  • Like this video, thank you. A while ago I started to laugh. Then I started to give workshops to other people. Because I said it was the best thing I could do I got more workshops. Then I wrote a book. Now I am creating an online course. All about laughting. But the start was just one laughter workshop with a lot of fun and a desire to grow.

  • Victoria Cunningham-Downey

    Hi John! Thans for that inspiration. In my yoga and Pilates business I want to build up to training teachers but I have decided to start with a 21 day email programme for my current students to get them more used to working with me online. Check out because the programme starts in October!

  • Gianni

    Buonasera Signor John, la mia idea รจ un piccolo video d’amore ….per tutto il mondo !!!!!
    Grazie ! Gianni !!!!!