"But I don't have a business idea!"

So you want to get paid to do something you love, you want to be able to make money without turning up to a boring job every day... that's great, but what if you don't have a business idea?

No problem. Just watch this video with me and Selina:

What's your seedling project?

Leave a comment and let us know your answer to the question we ask in the video  🙂

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  • Jacqueline Williams

    Professional grooming PDF easy download for new groomers. step by step guide and also my 9 years inside a grooming salon with tears and laughter. What do you think?

  • Jacqueline Williams

    The power of believing and changing my thoughts and feelings. My story of how I have manifested things into my life. Inventing a brand new product, seen on Dragons Den, Alan Titichmarsh and is now sold in 85 UK stores. wwwbaskitgeni.co.uk "Aint no mountain High enough"

  • emm

    It's so true. Just making a start opens up a new world you can't possibly predict, meeting different people, finding out about opportunities, getting fresh ideas, and one thing leads to another a way that never could've been planned.

  • Hilda

    I have been a student of youga and a part time yoga for over 30 years. I now want to introduce it to seniors and sports people and share this ancient science with different groups to show how yoga is ageless and can benefit everyone at different stages in their lives

  • Andrea

    Oak seedlings. Collect some plump fallen acorns in autumn (soon). Ask Selina for her coffee container and put 3-4 holes in the bottom (about as fat round as a standard pencil). Fill the container with a mix of dirt from under autumn leaves, sharp gritty sand and some potting mix. Half bury the acorns. Put the cup outside for over the winter. At least one of your acorns 'should' sprout in spring.

  • johnsw

    Is that grooming pets then, Jacqueline? Sounds like a great seedling project

  • johnsw

    Wow, that's fantastic!!

  • johnsw

    Very true, Emm! And yet people don't realise that until they start something

  • johnsw

    That's great Hilda. What could your seedling project be?

  • johnsw

    Brilliant, Andrea! I'm going to find some acorns - then I'll have my metaphor ready for the next video!

  • Joanne

    I've thought about digitising & sharing my daily writing practice for years (bought the domain name years ago!) - I could send it out via email. Or do a daily blog post. Or both...

  • Simon Stokes

    I literally just started mine, the idea grew from email and discussion with a colleague whilst doing lots of business travel. A website sharing the mundane aspects of it, from generic hotel rooms to airport lounges etc. Envious onlookers can see the reality, participants can share the experience.

    At least it's a way to practice my photography skills, which I don't often get to do (I need it). And it was created (no actual content yet, and still fiddling with WordPress) using the SWLP fast blog set up guide.


  • johnsw

    Start as a blog Joanne and then you can add email subscription later

  • johnsw

    I like it Simon. Just the name made me laugh outloud. It could be an addition to the successful Crap Cars / Crap Towns books – crap travel

  • Thalbir Kaur Shokar

    To connect people through events for example ideas people with financiers to back them...to put on thought leadership events that take us to a new paradigm shift with the way we are currently doing business...

  • Joanne

    I have no idea exactly what made the difference, but I did it. I actually made the blog. Cheers, John!
    (www.practicewriting.co.uk 🙂

  • johnsw

    This is brilliant Joanne! A simple idea that's really useful. And eventually could be monetized - add a small cost membership or an ebook or an online programme.

    You get a gold star for 'shipping'!

  • johnsw

    Hi Thalbir. So what is your very first event going to be?