How to play the money game

I’ve recently got back to writing my 2nd book (about how to find ideas you love, make ’em happen, and make money out of them). And as a result I’ve been thinking about the monetisation part – turning the things you love into an income.

I’ve realised that the very first step to playing the money game successfully is to realise that it IS a game. And a really fun one at that.

You see, the majority of people make a living as an employee and therefore have little control over their income beyond asking for a pay-rise or changing jobs. But self-employed people know that their income is completely up to them. If we can find a better way of providing more value to more people and a good way to charge for it, we can increase our income.

If we want more money for something in particular like a holiday or a new car, we can give a push to some aspect of our business and go get it.

And when you realise that there are many different ways to package and deliver what you do, you can start getting creative about it. You can play with it.

Choosing the right form and right price could make you 10, 100 or even 1000 times what another one will.

So you might discover that selling your kindle book for 59p makes you more money than selling it for £8 (as author John Locke discovered when he sold one million kindle books in 5 months). Or that giving it away for free for a fixed time could benefit you financially in the long run.

An example from my own business is the creation of the 30 Day Challenge. Instead of only helping people one to one, creating the 30 Day Challenge with Selina has allowed me to help 200 people at once, to have fantastic fun doing it, and bring nearly £30,000 into the business in one month. And having 200 people on the 30 Day Challenge makes it all the more powerful experience for the people taking part.

This is the real delight of playing the money game creatively – everybody wins.

So, having spent the last couple of years sharing how to find the work you love, now I want to explore this money game with you and share some of the fun stuff I’ve learned in my ten years of self employment – so that you too can play the money game and win.

How is your game?

I’d love to know where you are with the money game. Whether you’re already making a living without a job or still planning your escape, where do you get stuck most in the money game?

And if you’ve managed to play the money game well, what was the breakthrough for you in getting there?

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