How to create more time

We had a fantastic time on the 30 Day Challenge last month with our 200 participants. 

Benefits of being time poor - by Sarah DaviesOne of the most surprising discoveries is just how much people can get done in a short period of time when you really focus. 

On the challenge we teach how to make real progress on what matters to you in as little as 20 minutes a day. 

One of the challengers, Sarah Davies from New Zealand, captured the power of focus in this lovely, simple graphic she created as part of her project to illustrate the benefits of being time poor. 

Unfortunately, life in the 21st century doesn’t really encourage us to focus at all – with frequent alerts and updates and the expectation of constant availability.


And our brains weren’t designed to cope with such things. I have a suspicion personally that the increased occurrence of some diseases may actually be related to the constant over-stimulation of our nervous system (and despite this I still have my own challenges resisting checking email and the like!)

How to create more time
So… I’m very excited that this Wednesday at Scanners Night in London, we have Wendy Kerr explaining “How to create more time”. 

Having led the marketing for Colgate, Smirnoff, Tia Maria, and Apple and been General Manager of’s personal finance website before starting her own business, she knows a thing or two about being busy.

This Wednesday Wendy will be showing us:

  • Why your brain is programmed to divert focus
  • A simple tool to aid focus and creativity (at the same time!)
  • How to design your days and weeks to help you get more done
  • How to conquer your email overload

Join Scanners Night in advance for just £1 and attendance at this event is included – read all about it here:

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Or, if you’re nowhere near London, you can watch it live online for as little as £1 – read how here. 

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