Totally stuck in your career? Here’s what to do

Here’s a story you might relate to.

Tim Nicholls had had what most people would consider a very successful career and had even made the move into independent consulting and yet he still knew there was something else he should be doing – but what was it?

Every time he tried to think of a better option, a business idea, or new career, he couldn’t see how he could be sure he could make it work. After all, he has a family to support.

Tim was stuck. He couldn’t see any direction to move in. So he wasn’t moving anywhere.

And then he discovered our tricks and processes in the Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition programme and things started to happen – quicken than he ever could imagine.

Here’s what happened (and how he ended up interviewing his favourite author for the Economist and being followed on twitter by the Fonz!)

Tim’s results sound magical. But there’s no magic required. Just a new approach to work that produces dramatically superior results to anything you’ve been taught at school or by run of the mill careers and business advisors.

Now it’s your turn

This Friday we are releasing something for the first time that reveals our process to finding the work you love in an affordable programme.

We want to supercharge the Play Revolution and get as many people as possible doing the work they love.

So Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition goes on sale this Friday at noon at a massive £100 off – for 24 hours only.

Put the date in your diary now:

Screw Work Let’s Play: Ignition

–  The Launch –

FRIDAY 12 NOON GMT – for 24 hours only



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