Still hunting for the work you love? Check out our big announcement

This is big!

If you’ve read Screw Work Let’s Play (or you love the idea of getting paid to play) and yet you are still stuck…

If you still don’t know what work you would really enjoy…

If you can’t work out what business you could start…

If you have no idea what your passion is…

If you just can’t get started on doing what you love and getting paid for it because you don’t know what you love…

Then we haveĀ something for you.

Check out this video:



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  • Mary

    Boy did I need this to arrive in my inbox today. I’m that person that has read a few chapters and at the moment I’m finding myself fighting through anxiety to continue. I’m excited about continuing… not only continuing to the next chapter but also to learn about this new program and to start feeling more exhilaration than anxiety. I have a very strong feeling that SWLP has come into my life at the right time. Thank you for reminding me. Looking forward to your next email!

  • johnsw

    Excellent! Welcome to the Play Revolution, Mary.