Complete this sentence: "Before I die I want to..."

Candy Chang is an artist living in New Orleans and creates beautiful, simple projects that bring together strangers in her local community in surprisingly profound ways.

In one, she painted a huge chalkboard on a wall with space for people to complete the sentence "Before I die I want to..." and left it for anyone to write on.

Watch her moving and inspiring 6 minute TED Talk below to see what happened.

Inspired by the results, Candy created a kit for people to create their own version and it has now been replicated around the world.

I love the responses this project has engendered and I also love how these relatively simple projects of Candy's are touching on such profound topics while bringing local people together.

So, how would you complete that sentence?

Notice that people in the video have responded in all sorts of ways from the big – "Save a life" or "See the world" to the small and seemingly inconsequential – "Own a monkey", "Go 200 mph" and "Have fun".

And whether you want to change the world or own a monkey there is a way for you to have something of that experience pretty damn soon. So perhaps it won't be practical to actually own a monkey, but you can go and hang out with monkeys by going here or, a little closer to home for people in the UK, here.

This is what Screw Work is really about - not thinking in the limited terms of a 'Career' or a conventional business but looking in the broadest terms at what you really want for yourself (and for others) - and then playing out the adventure to get there, starting right now.

How do you complete the sentence "Before I die I want to..."?

What do you want to do before you die, whether big or small, profound or (seemingly) silly? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Anna C Hearn

    Wow, what a beautiful and eloquent speaker a d what a wonderful inspiring message!

  • Lovely isn't it Anna?

  • Before I die I want to…live my life, not just survive my existence

  • Yes, far too many are existing rather than living.
    What small thing can you do today that could make you feel more alive?

  • Info

    Before I die I want to make sure that people I love they know how much they loved! And I would love to visit Japan..n

  • Danielafrascella

    I want to have another kid and a partner who makes me happy

  • Lambchop

    be happy and content

  • thoughts

    I want to go to South America and attend an Ayahuasca ceremony.

  • Wow, that would be something! (Would scare the hell out of me)

  • Talking of monkeys (or least apes) Lonely Planet are running a competition to spend time with Orangutans in Java

  • me

    have fun with my spirit!

  • I want to drive through Africa ... and that is what we are doing!  We leave in 7 days ...

  • Annaearth

    Before I die I would want to rediscover my passion for living and having fun

  • Now that's the spirit! Let us know how you get on Sheelah 

  • I think my tip would be to find one small thing that might be fun every day and go do it. Whether it's sitting on a swing (I love swings), making music, writing, indulging a love of comedy, crafts or whatever it might be

  • When a friend of mine died earlier this year, we all wondered 'What would Julian think to realise how much he was loved and is now missed?' and how much does that apply to all of us?

  • Elena

    Before I die I want to make a "Before I die" wall in my town

  • Yay! Do it Elena! She sells the kits

  • Fab

    I want to have travelled all over the world and have written a bestseller about emotional and financial intelligence!!!!

    You can say: why don't you start to write that book? Before writing it, I must be a Master in those two fields!!

    As far as travelling around the world, maybe I've found the best solution to make it happen !!

    Your book has been pretty useful from some points of view!

    Thank you very much!!!


    PS this is the second time that I write this post, I hope that it won't get lost again..!!

  • But you could start writing a blog right now Fab. Write about what you're learning along the way. You can even create a book by interviewing people who are already experts. That's how Think & Grow Rich was written.
    Also check out by Fabrizio Tubertini who runs Scanners Night Italia

  • Fab

    Hi John,

    thank you very much for your advice!! That's very kind of you!!

    Anyway, in Italy people are very impressed by CVs and following lifestyles when you give advice  about savings management!!
    Italians are visual people and they don't like financial education, they still believe that the best investment is to buy real estate properties, first house, second house when they can afford it and so on...!!

     In other words, they don't like hard facts based on statistics and logic!!!!

    Apart from that,  the most important thing is that because of the  recent financial crisis, ( European sovereign - debt crisis ), 1 billion euros of Italian savings have been fled to Switzerland and other fiscal paradises and furthermore there is an allarming demographic pyramid!!!!

    Instead, I've recently given up smoking ( 10- 15 cigarettes a day ) through a method that I've invented on my own!!

    In other words, I've challenged  the common belief that it's very hard giving up smoking and I've made up creative and funny ways to give up smoking!!

     It's working very well !!!!!!

    Maybe that in the next months, I'll set up a blog about it and if it is successful, I'll coach people ( online and offline ) who want to give up smoking and having fun at the same time!!!!

    All the best!



  • Beautiful.  Lovely talk & sentiment.

    Before I die, I want to make a thousand thousand people smile from the inside.  Maybe more!

    OK, that was interesting.  I have never written or thought that succinctly before. Thanks! 


    I want to find a nice place in south England for me and my family where we can live (we live in Italy but I love it only during summer time). Any suggestions?

  • Emmacapell

    I would like to write a hauntingly beautiful piece of music

  • The Jurassic Coast (Dorset) is really beautiful. Don't know what it's like to live there though.

  • That sounds like a  great topic

  • Lovely! Sometimes I hear a piece of music and think I could retire happy if I'd just written that one song (eg One Day Like This by Elbow)

  • Sabine

    I want to find love again and create a place called "my home" as I feel lost at the time.

  • Scunner

    Before I die I want to celebrate my 140th birthday...

  • Can I come?

  • Edgar

    I am 65 I have a pasion for drawing, I no what I want to do I have produced some animation work however I know I need to up the anti in terms of presentation I feel totally out of my depth with how to harness the right skills and equipment to follow that dream. how do I take the next step which will help me on this journey?

  • That's a good question, Edgar. If you can be more specific about what you need, I'll see if I can suggest something/someone...