How I got fired from the worst job of my life

This was my view. All day.Working 9-5 in data entry for a widget manufacturer on a Birmingham industrial estate may not sound very exciting. And by God you’d be right. It made life at The Office look like a dream job.

And yet there I was, typing numbers into a stock control system all day. I’d finished college and couldn’t decide what to do with my life so I went to a temp agency and asked them to give me something to keep me ticking over.

I sat in a small grey office with 2 other people (who frighteningly had made this company their career choice) and typed numbers from 3×5 cards into a computer.

After a couple of days of doing this, I started to get creative. Some of the entries were already on the system and I noticed that if the first screen of data matched what was on the card, the second screen of data was also up to date. So I started to skip the second screen for those cards.

At the end of the week, I was called into another office. The man told me that many of the entries I was supposed to be updating were wrong. And so he was firing me.

There wasn’t much else to say so I left.

As I walked through the concrete streets of Aston, I realised that my assumption about skipping some of the entries had been wrong. I felt ashamed. I’d been fired from a job so crappy, a trained monkey could do it.

And I also felt enormously relieved. I had my freedom back. From that point on I never took another dull, ill-fitting job.

I was fortunate that my data entry job was such an awful fit that it was obvious (to both me and my employer). The real danger is when you’re in a job that seems bearable so you stay just a little bit longer… and then a little bit longer…

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