That tricky thing, momentum

Psychologies magazine Jan 2012

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012! This is the time when we’re tempted to define all sorts of wonderful wishes, hopes and dreams for the year.

The tricky bit of course is maintaining momentum on that stuff that we want – once life gets busy or the going gets tough.

Psychologies magazine to the rescue!

Psychologies magazine have dedicated their latest issue to the topic of ‘making it happen in 2012’ and I’m delighted to be the subject of a 2 page interview on the topic of how to keep momentum.

My interview was by Anita Chaudhuri who is features editor at Psychologies. Anita took part in our 30 Day Challenge at the end of last year – our programme to help 200 people make an idea happen in 30 days. This is what Anita said about her experience of the 30 Day Challenge:

“Wow. Just wow. In six years of writing for Psychologies magazine I have done any number of goal-setting, dream-boarding, wish creating type workshops. The 30 Day Challenge was the best ‘make it happen’ programme I have ever done.”

– Anita Chaudhuri, Features Editor, Psychologies

I thought it would be good to take some of the principles that make the 30 Day Challenge so effective and put them into a series of videos to support the Psychologies article.

So I got together with SWLP Head Coach Selina Barker and created something to show how you can choose the right things for you to do this year and, most important of all, actually make them happen. If you’d like access to our video series, just click the link below.

Get our free video series on making it happen in 2012 right here

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