Can you help me with my new book?

Korean versionWhen I was writing my first book Screw Work Let’s Play, I knew I loved writing it, I knew it felt like play, I knew I was doing the best job I could on it, and I knew I was writing about ideas that I thought were worth spreading.

But I really didn’t know if my book was, well, “good”. Would it sell? Would other people think I could write? Would it work for the reader? Would people be as excited about the ideas in it as I am?

Well, it’s been a hell of a ride over the last 18 months since then.

I was delighted (and more surprised than anyone else) to find Screw Work go straight into the WHSmith top 20 and the Amazon bestseller list (at one point becoming their bestselling book on entrepreneurship). The book received great reviews in the Times and Sunday Times (and several other papers and mags) and on Amazon attracted 32 five star reviews (and 2 people who hate it!)

Screw Work has now been translated into 7 languages. The Dutch and Korean versions are out now with Italian, Czech, Russian, Marathi, and Thai versions all due next year (you can see all the versions here). In June, the book will be published in the US (and hopefully, at long last, a Kindle version will also appear).

I’ve had a lot of fun (and learned loads) over the last 18 months – I’ve run programmes based on the book to help 100s of people to make their ideas happen and I’ve had 500 people attend my London event, Scanners Night.

If you’ve bought my book or taken part in one of my events or programmes, thank you. I genuinely believe the ideas we’re putting into practice constitute the next stage of the evolution of work. With the current state of the world, we need this now more than ever – a new wave of people doing something of real value, that they love doing, and really care about.

If you have friends who are unhappy in their work that you know could benefit from a bit of ‘player’ thinking, you can still get copies of Screw Work Let’s Play from Amazon in time for Christmas:

Amazon UK |  All other countries and editions

My second book

And now I’ve started again. Earlier this year, I opened a blank Microsoft Word document and called it “Book 2”. Now that document has 20,000 words in it and a publication date of Autumn 2012.

The topic of this new book is “How to write a book, start a business, or change the world in 30 days” and I want your help with it.

I want your stories

One of the greatest pleasures of writing a book is seeing what others do with it. Every week I get tweets or emails from people who have been inspired by Screw Work to create something really special to them –

Anna quit her job, won her first portrait commission, and then ended up with a solo exhibition.

Dave changed his work and moved to the opposite side of the world (from London to Sydney) at the same time.

Harry and his brother decided to kite buggy 1000 km up the coast of Brazil and raised over £2000 for Centrepoint along the way

I’d love to hear more – whether it’s a big change or just your first small step. If my book has helped you to change your work, start a business, or launch a creative project you really care about, let me know. Please post your story (as succinctly as possible) as a comment here and include a website address. I might even use you as an example in my new book!

What do you most want me to write about?

I’m going to be blogging here on the topic of the new book over the next few months and I would love your input – what would you most like to read in my next book? What have you learned in your journey to do what you love that is important for others to know?

Leave a brief comment and let me know – you’ll be helping me to make sure I’m on the right track, addressing what people most need. No question is too small, too big or too dumb (honestly, we’d all be a lot better off if people dared to ask the obvious questions more often).


PS. If you’d like to meet me in person, I’ll be running the last Scanners Night of the year this Wednesday, 14 December. Join us and find out “How to do the impossible”. You can now attend for just £1 (or if you’re not in London, get the recording)

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