If you don’t do it, no one else will

The interesting thing about any significant creative project you undertake – whether it’s a book, blog, or business – is that while you might have a title (and even a strap line), you don’t really know what it’s about until you dive into making it.

Sometimes you think you know at the start, but it always changes along the way.

(In fact, for Screw Work Let’s Play, it was only when I’d finished the whole of the first 60,000 word draft that I turned to my agent and said “I think I know what this book is about now!”)

This is on my mind at the moment as I’ve just started writing my 2nd book.

While the title of this second book is still in flux, the real message of it is starting to emerge and I believe it may be the most important thing I have to say to the world.

The message of the book is summed up rather nicely by a quote from the artists Glibert & George.

They were asked in a recent BBC Four interview why they always wore the same matching suits and they explained that it was part of their simplification of life in order to leave more time for their art.

As George explained,

“We just want to devote ourselves to art.
We’re all dragged at increasing speed towards the grave.
Any picture we don’t make will be not made by somebody else.”

That last line really struck me. When we do something very close to our hearts, whether a blog post, a piece of art, or a business stamped with our personality, we are creating something no one else can create. If we don’t do it, no one else will.

Sure, someone might create something similar, or make a related point, but it won’t have our unique stamp on it, our unique voice.

Finding your unique voice can sound very intimidating but in reality we find it very simply in the doing of it. Just start playing out your ideas one project at a time, in one action-step at a time and your unique take on the subject will emerge. We can all do that right now.

189 people have already registered for the 30 day challenge to play out their ideas (both modest and grand). It all kicks off this Saturday and there are only 11 places left before we hit our quota of 200.

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