What’s your Minimum Viable Business? (Or ‘How to launch your idea as quickly as possible’)

If you’ve got a good idea, don’t let it gather dust. If you want to make it happen, start now. Here’s something to help you.

There’s a concept in product design called the Minimum Viable Product – something that has just those features that allow the product to be deployed, and no more:

The product is typically deployed to a subset of possible customers, such as early adopters that are thought to be more forgiving, more likely to give feedback, and able to grasp a product vision from an early prototype or marketing information.

It is a strategy targeted at avoiding building products that customers do not want, that seeks to maximize the information learned about the customer per dollar spent.


You can apply this principle to any idea or business you want to launch. Lots of successful companies started with a Minimum Viable Business.

Amazon sells anything and everything right? Not when they launched. They only sold books (remember that?) When they had proved that the principle worked and people had really taken to the business, they diversified. Now you can buy everything from a can opener to a laptop on Amazon.

What’s the core of your idea? How can you launch as quickly as possible and just get the idea out there? Soft-launch your website or share your business with a select group first. You might trial your new workshop or service with some friends first. Or volunteer to be social media specialist at your current company before plotting your global social media consultancy empire.

Don’t waste time on a fancy website and the perfect logo. (Seriously, no one cares about your logo)

Instead, invest your energy in the part of your idea that really matters, get it out there, get people using it, and get feedback.

That feedback will tell you what you need to change to make it really fly.

WordPress is used by over 25 million people and yet its original creator Matt Mullenweg says,

If you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version, you waited too long.

So what’s your Minimum Viable Business?

Launch your idea

Very soon, 200 people will be joining us to make their Minimum Viable Business (or other creative idea) into a reality in the 30 Day Challenge.

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