Obvious to you. Amazing to others

You have new ideas and thoughts every day and you’ve probably had more than one that could make you some money. But… how many of them do you act on? Do your ideas seem too obvious to you? Do your talents seem like ‘nothing special’?

Then take a lesson from Derek Sivers, musician, entrepreneur, and all round playful genius who I interviewed for my book.

In a little over 1 minute Derek will show you how your obvious idea could just be a piece of genius:

Once you have an idea you think might be able to make you a living, what do you do next? How do you know for sure that it could work as a business? And how do you move from ‘just an idea’ to something that gets you paid?

Is it really possible to earn money from your idea?

Want to make money doing what you love? If you have ideas for what you’d like to do (or are doing it already) but haven’t quite managed to turn that into a realistic pay cheque replacement, then check this out.

Right now Marianne Cantwell and I are putting together a private (free) email-coaching series where we share with you the key things you need to know to create a full time income stream so you can quit your career cage.

This isn’t about deciding on what you’d like to do, this is the nitty gritty of ACTUALLY making it happen without having to live on baked beans for a year.

To get in on the series simply click this link to grab your place in 10 seconds.

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