What’s your big adventure?

Our Head Coach, Selina Barker, is about to set off on her own big adventure.

She’s packing up her life, reducing all her possessions, and putting everything that remains into a campervan named Beryl. Then she sets off for a 6 month road trip around the UK and Europe, meeting people, having fun, and running her business on the move.

What’s your big adventure? What’s stopping you doing it? Find out how Selina discovered what she really wanted to do, faced her fears, and took the first steps.

Start your own adventure

On Friday, Selina is leading 150 people through their own 30 day adventure in The 30 Day Challenge. There are just 2 places left at the Early Bird price.

If you haven’t already grabbed your place, get it here:


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  • Wow!

    So excited for you Selina. It’s a big step, but how amazing to be travelling light without all the detritus we tend to carry with us. 100 things – i’m guessing you’ll be leaving the sideboard and TV behind. I believe it was William Morris who suggested that we should only keep thing which were either beautiful or useful, which can make the decision-making process easier.

    If your in or around West Yorkshire it would be great to meet up somewhere – it’s a great county and the beer is pretty good too!

    I will recommend that you take a large piece of thick arctic fleece doubled over with you to lie on at night as it will help to keep you snuggly.

    Bon voyage!


  • Ted

    Selina, What a lovely idea and that van looks really cool. After my 30-day play project I have booked 4 months in the South-west of Western Australia and will be looking for a campervan like yours. I hope to be able to exchange ideas with you as you travel as to what works and what doesn’t. I must say that the idea of reducing my life to 100 things is really, really scary as I have an enormous amount of “stuff” built up over my 73 years. Well done!

  • Hi Selina. Good for you!Here’s a website that I think you and the other candidates will love. Its all about doing exactly what you are.


    I’ll be looking out for a yellow campervan called Beryl!

  • @Rachael – love that about William Morris and also great tip about the arctic fleece! Will let you know if I pass through W Yorkshire – thank you!

    @Ted – brilliant – and yes will give you all the tips I can. 73 years worth of stuff would be a huge challenge to reduce into 100 things but how liberating and imagine all the memories you’d unearth in the process. Your trip sounds awesome.

    @Sean – I’d seen that site before actually but had forgotten it so thank you!

  • GasPunk

    That’s a pretty inspiring little five and a half minute video. The point about taking your dreams seriously really hit home with me.

    I wish you luck and fun on your big adventure and if you find yourself anywhere near the Chiltern Hills, there’ll be a cuppa waiting for you (and an oil & filter change for Beryl!)


  • Len


    Very inspiring video. Great idea and lots of good advice.

    I’ve signed up to the 30 day challenge too and am trying to narrow down my choice of project to just one. I’d better get my skates on!

    Looking forward to it and maybe catching up with you.

    Good luck on your adventure.



  • Haidee

    Good luck with your adventure Selina! We have pushed ourselves out of our (very comfortable) norm and are living for a year ‘en famille’ on a tiny island in France! It’s fantastic! You’re welcome to visit us, but you’ll have to park Beryl on the mainland as there are no cars here! Bon voyage!

  • David_hicks

    One could ask, like people doing Ironman competitions ‘What are you running away from, what are you resisting?’