Wrapping Up The Year

For those of us who are our own boss and work from home, it’s easy to blur the line between work-time and down-time. This is particularly the case when our work feels more like play!

About this time of year a few years back I had a realisation. I hadn’t set a clear date to finish my work for the year. So I decided on a day to be my “last day in the office” (even though my office is in my home).

I really enjoyed the focus to finish everything up. I ended up working late to meet my deadline but felt much better for being able to switch off and leave my business behind for a couple of weeks.

Have you set your last day in the office yet? If not, take a look at your diary and decide when you are officially ‘off work’. Block the time out. Try to give yourself a good break during which you are free not to think about your work at all – you’ll come back so much fresher with new perspectives and new ideas.

(If you’re still in a job and longing for the freedom to set your own schedule, take a look at our Screw Work Let’s Play Programme.)

Whatever you’re doing over this holiday season, I hope you have a great time.

Merry Christmas,


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  • Wednesday 23rd December is my last day. I am finishing at 4pm and then not working officially until the kids go back to school Tuesday 4th Jan 2011.

    I am feeling a little decadent taking so much time off but I need to clean up and prepare for family coming Christmas Day, hence the mid-week finish. Plus, hubby is an entertainer and it’s his busiest time so I need to ‘hold the fort’ so to speak.

    My concern is that, as a freelancer, people seem to think I am available most all the time (despite clear working hours set out on my website) so how do I ensure that they realise I can have time off through the hols too?

  • Sounds great Sharon! Be firm about your time off but perhaps you could put in place a VA to check your mail/phone messages or set a schedule to check your email a couple of times during the break and set up an autoresponder to say so.