How to install WordPress on Bluehost

Before you start using WordPress with your new domain and hosting, you need to install it on Bluehost. This is a simple process once you know the steps – and that’s what we show you below.

This is a guide to how to get started using WordPress on Bluehost. We walk you through every step you need to do it yourself (watch me doing it live).

Watch the tutorial here: Install WordPress on Bluehost

Note: at the part where you select the address this is mapped to, what I say may be slightly unclear so to clarify: at the point where there is a choice about what address to use, simply use the url you have selected for your site (eg: and if this is the first time you have created anything using that URL, don’t bother about adding anything after the “/” unless you know what you are doing. This goes for whether you are creating a blog or a website or whatever.

In short, do exactly as I do with my example in the video.

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