How to Win Your First Playcheque

Now you’ve laid the foundations it is time to test your offer out in the field! And that means launching a play-it-out project, starting right now.

Doing this will give you confidence about what you are doing, a reality check about what works best, and countless benefits such as insights into what to refine and what to do more of. As well, of course, as knowing what you most enjoy about it. All those things will put you in a better place to move on to the next, more big-picture-thinking, topics.

It is worth noting that you will be doing several mini play projects throughout the course of this eSchool, each building from the last. So this is not the be all and end all of what you are doing. What it is, is a trial. A way of getting new insights into how your idea works and how people respond to its new positioning.

How to get started

1. Decide what would be a suitable mini test for both the content of what you are offering and (most importantly) the way it is presented (ie: everything you have done in previous key topics!).

This will vary depending on what you do – for example if you are working one to one with people then your project might be to get two clients; if you are wanting to run retreats, your project might be to distill that down into a workshop with the elements of what you want.

2. Use the Play Project outline worksheet here to define what you are doing.

3. Get people interested in your offer (even before launching a website!).

You can use an introductory email to get people coming to your event or taking on your service even when you don’t have a website, a reputation, a bigger plan or a mailing list.

It is important to get this right so click here for a step by step guide to writing your first offer email. In this document there is also a Makeover example of a before and after of a real-life offer email that worked.

This email will need to find its way to members of your niche, who are suitable for what you are doing. In the above email document I suggest one way for reaching these people, however feel free to come up with your own creative solutions!

Remember these are guidelines – if you already have a mailing list take the principles in the email document and try them out there (but this time considering things like long term relationship with your list and status as outlined in the How to Love Your List piece in Step 3).

4. Get started and tell the community! Write your offer email, review, and then post it up on the community and see what people think! At the top of your post to the Google Group,

a) state what you are doing for your mini project

b) state this is the project for Stage 2 Key Topic 6 – because there will be several projects.

c) Most importantly, your niche. Any feedback should be given from the perspective of the niche, and as the writer you need to always keep your niche firmly in mind when listening to feedback.

5. Launch your project, feedback to the community, and review your progress.

What went right? How did people respond a) to the offer and b) to the service/product itself? What would you change about the way it was presented?

Now go back to your Killer Offer and Niche notes (and any others that are relevant) and consider whether you should change anything before moving forward.

NOTE: You MUST do this project if you have only ever had this idea sitting in your head. Alternatively, you may have already been paid for what you are providing; even if that is the case, you will want to test out your new way of presenting what you do.

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