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Tweet on trainI received this tweet (see image) today from someone who had just bought my book for their journey home and was immediately moved to tell me what they thought.

This now happens to me every day – and I’m glad to say that so far they have all been enormously positive.

While this might be very nice for me, it’s also an indication of what I write about in the book in How to play the fame game. Our opinions of the products, services and creations we buy have never been so easy and quick to express publicly, and in a form that spreads.

The flip-side of this is that you can’t just fake it any more. No matter how great your marketing, if the reality of what you provide doesn’t live up to expectations, everyone is going to know pretty quickly. Some very large companies are finding this out to their horror right now.

It’s not so easy any more to hold the public at a distance and manufacture their impression of you. Here’s a particularly powerful example from Greenpeace UK calling for new logo designs for BP, to reflect their handling of the one of the worst environmental catastrophes of recent history. The designs were sourced from anyone who had design skills and then voted for by the general public.

Whether you agree with these tactics or not, Greenpeace have used them to change fundamental business strategies of powerful multinational companies.

And the most interesting part of this is that Social Media is still very, very young. Just watch what happens next…

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  • Just wanted to say that Im nearly thru the first chapter of your book Screw Work…
    Not only does it fit the moment I am in in my life right now. (wanna quit my job for something else) but you talk about a type of person that I only know ONE of… me!

    I am a musician / film-maker / writer / and wouldbe computer game designer.

    my problem is that Im a good number two man to have around, but can I be number one?

    As a musician in the band Cranes (back in the 80´s/90´s) I was NOT a writer of the music, but performed a role of stopping the 2 writers from killing each other) I switch carreers in 97 to designer (but not a good one) and joined a small elearning comapny (not mine) and with MY concepts and experimental attitude pushed the company into what it is now, making interactive movies) but Im tireing of this (mostely due to having to work with un-ethical issues and companies)

    now I perform weird monotonous live looping music for fun.. tinker with a modular huge modular synth I am building, and toy (altho seriously) with trying to start a NEW career.. now as a game designer… except I cant program… I have applied for funding but failed (cant write a business plan or schedule to save my life) But I have a good Idea I think…

    So.. on to chapter 2..

    hoping that your book does what it promises…


  • Ironically when I read this first Mark, all I could think was “I wonder which Wealth Dynamics profile you are”! The idea being that you don’t try to do everything – just the bit that suits you.
    PS. Love the sound of your loops stuff & the modular synth!

  • Well quite… but I aint gonna pay 100 bucks to be told… er… Lord!

  • Thank you for the inspiration. It was great to read your book. It opened up my mind and finally convinced me that I can be successful with who I am.

    First stop: My own blog… 😉

    All the best! Nico

  • Thanks Nico. Looks you can write from looking at your blog! And thanks for the book review too. Good luck with it.