The Third Way: Or how to make a living without a job

Given the chance, a lot of people would not hold down a full-time job. But surprisingly few ever seriously explore the alternatives. One of the reasons is that too many think the alternative is running a Business with a capital ‘B’ – something with staff and premises, financial investment and all the associated risk.

This kind of business gets a lot of airplay in the media with stories about Internet millionaires and TV programmes like Dragons’ Den. The problem with running a Business is that all too often it looks dangerously like having a job – you turn up to the same place every day and work on the same thing (and probably work longer hours at it).

Sure, you’re in control of your own destiny and you have the potential to get rich. But if the primary reason you wanted out of a job was freedom, a Business might be no better for you.

Fortunately there is now a huge range of options between Job and Business that make up The Third Way. They’re not so well known, in fact there isn’t even an umbrella term for this sector. Dan Pink calls us the “Free Agent Nation”, Barbara Winter calls us “Joyfully Jobless”, I think of it as going freestyle. Everything I do is about The Third Way: my book Screw Work Let’s Play, my London event Scanners Night, and my one to one advice sessions at Freestyle Success.

The Third Way is finding your route to making a living doing stuff you love – and that doesn’t feel like a prison sentence. It’s about individuality, fun, freedom, variety and the chance to finally create something only you can create.

Fortunately there are so many other options these days: freelancing, contracting, consulting, Internet marketing (such as affiliate marketing, information products, blogging, membership groups), running events, self-publishing books, starting an ebay shop, inventing a product or game, portfolio careers, and many more…

Everyone’s version of The Third Way is unique. Screw Work, Let’s Play will guide you through the process of finding yours. In the meantime, check out the posts on Secret 5: How to play for profit for some ideas on how to find that intersection between the things you love to do and what people will pay you for.

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